What is Gunpla? 

3D model kits of robots or vehicles from GUNDAM, the animation TV series by BANDAI. Most kits are made of plastic and not required glue to build. Each Gunpla has "Grade" and "Scale" that describes how detailed or size.


A convention describe generally how detailed a given model is. The difficulty and details are depends on grade.


Super Deformed or SD kits as many know it, are the smallest in the list.
Recognized by their big heads and deformed body proportions,
SD kits are very beginner friendly and are recommended for children.


High Grade High Grade (HG) are the most commonly built kits on this list.
They're easy to build
 and there is a wide variety of HG kits to choose from.
These kits can easily be spotted by the HG moniker found on the corner of
the front box art.  They're 
1/144 scale make them the perfect size for
collecting and displaying.
Real Grade

Real Grade (RG) kits focus between the skeletal inner frame of
Master Grade's, and the size of an HG (1/144).
RG kits have more detail, like color separation, and articulation to give
a more realistic approach; they also come with a hefty number of decals.
It is great for builders who want to keep within the HG size but want
more out of their kit. 

Master Grade

Master Grade (MG) are 1/100 scale kits that differ from HG with their size
and detail. MG kits utilize the inner skeleton, which help its articulation and
sturdiness. Of course, MG kits have more technical parts compared to
HG kits, but all that detail pays off when the kit is finished.
Due to their size, detail, and pose-ability, MG kits are considered
a favorite amongst Gunpla builders.

Perfect Grade

Perfect Grade (PG) kits are one of the biggest kits available on the market
(other than Mega Size), and their 1/60 scale definitely stands out amongst
any Gundam collection. Not only do you get a fantastic model kit,
but the box they're packaged in are also beautifully designed. PG's come
with a number of parts, which make these Gunpla look extremely detailed.


Reborn-One Hundred (RE/100) is designed to feature certain mobile suits
in 1/100 scale but separate from Master Grade (MG) .
The kits are not as complex as the MG, and while they share the same
level of detail on outward appearance.
Those that do, feature only a very simplified one.

Gundam Universe GUNDAM Universe is not plastic model. It is Action figure that is already built. 
The figure is the amazing volume of 6 inch tall. An inspiring combination of
stylish sculpting and dynamic possibility defines the new GUNDAM figure line.
30 Minutes Missions is a Plastic Model focuses on original mechas for
the franchise. As the name suggests it can be built in 30 minutes. The kits are
simple and easy to build but very flexible to customize with option parts.



The size of plastic model. Gunpla has different scales based on the dimensions given in the fiction. The scale depends on grade or series. Common scales and the grades are:

1:144 High Grade, Real Grade 12.5 cm (5 in)
1:100 Master Grade, High Grade 18 cm (7 in)
1:60 Perfect Grade 30 cm (11.8 in)