The theme of the contest will be "The Future of The Witch from Mercury"

Design your own Mobile Suit from any of the "Witch from Mercury" kits based further in the future of the anime' events!

While the story has come to conclusion, the lore the lives on in you!


    Creativity of Story:
    Create a story of the future of the Witch from Mercury Timeline worth 1 page in MLA Format.
    Cohesion of Posing:
    submit [1] photo highlighting a scene/event based on your story.
    Overall Build and Final Presentation:
    submit [4] photos (Front/Back/Side/Detail) for the final quality.
    • Provide the following information and submit your entries to

      • Name
      • Email
      • Mailing Address
      • Title of your entry


    • Story               100 points
    • Posing            100 points
    • Overall Build   100 points
      Max: 300 points


    Since the contest honors the lore of the story, strictly No Fan-made characters allowed.

    GUNNZO Team and Guest Judges will judge entries and shall provide the total points accrued by each entry. GUNNZO/GUNNZO Team reserves the right to refuse any entries it deems not suitable for the contest.

    Please follow Rules and Restriction to avoid dis qualification of entries.


    There will be 3 Winners:

    • Story Winner
    • Posing Winner
    • Master Winner

    Further news and announcements will be made in the coming days.
    Stay tuned for more info!