[New! Pre-Order] Gundam Principality of Zeon Army Solider 05 (Normal Suit) Megahouse G.M.G




Estimate Shipping Date: October 2021

Approx Height: 4"

The theme for vol.3 is Infiltration work. The line-ups are man soldier, woman soldier and first time specific character Char Aznable. Soldier 05 which is fully painted and about 10cm tall. (1/18 scale) woman.

Optional accessories are

  • Navan Type 62 pistol
  • Hand-to-hand rifle
  • recoilless rifle
  • Land mover
  • harness
  • replicable head

If you collect Zeon Army Soldier 04-05 and Char, you can reproduce the scene of Infiltrating a federal base.

Set also comes with

  • food set
  • cooler box
  • wire
  • hooks

G.M.G. figures comes with movable joints so more you collect, more you can create the battle.


  • Painted figure x1
  • replacable head x1
  • Hand parts x4 kinds
  • accessories x5
  • bonus accessories x11

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