Bob's Burgers Enamel Pin - Blind Box

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Why just eat at Bob’s when you can wear Bob’s as well? Kidrobot and Bob’s Burgers have made the Belchers and their friends completely wearable for Wonder Wharf adventure in the Bob’s Burgers enamel pin series. Featuring designs from the hit Bob’s Burgers Mini Series and coming in the blind box style Kidrobot is known for, this pin series is the perfect way to chorizo your own adventure and style on all your favorite accessories. Don’t be such a boob punch and add all 16 Bobs Burgers Pins to your collection today!

Collect them all:

Bob Belcher - 2/20

Linda Belcher - 1/20

Tina Belcher - 2/20

Bad Tina - 1/20

Gene Belcher - 2/20

Gene Burger - 1/20

Louise Belcher - 2/20

KuchiKopi - 1/20

Jimmy Pesto - 1/20

Jimmy Pesto Jr. - 1/20

Ollie - 1/20

Andy - 1/20

Hugo - 1/20

Calvin - 1/20

Gayle - 1/20

Teddy - 1/20

Note: Quantity of 1 equals one blind box pin. To order the display box, order a quantity of 20.

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